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News & Events
• Tsunamika, the child of tsunami
Tsunamika or the child of tsunami as the creators like to call it, is a little doll designed as a part of a livelihood and rehabilitation project undertaken by the Upasana Design Studio of Auroville, Pondicherry.
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• Kalam promises permanent houses
The President gives a patient hearing to the suggestions of tsunami-hit fishermen at Velankanni
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• Neglected communities
The tremendous losses suffered by the fishing communities affected the entire local economy because the industry directly and indirectly supported the lives of thousands of other people.
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• Caste-based discrimination
Fundamental to the idea of humanitarian assistance is that aid be distributed to all in need without discrimination.
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• Public-private partnership
The Government has issued orders detailing the nature of public-private partnerships that it has envisaged for reconstructing homes and common facilities of the tsunami affected.
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• And now a wave of compassion
Lawyers, doctors, IT professionals and chartered accountants are taking one and two months of leave to clamber on trucks piled high with relief material and head to remote tsunami-struck villages to help volunteers find, lift and bury rapidly decomposing bodies.
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• The tsunami relief effort
A question many of us ask is: Does India need outside help in a disaster? Technically I would say no. We have the expertise, certainly. And with television bringing each devastating tragedy into the average living room, responses have been immediate and generous. 222
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