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Tsunami rehabilitation efforts
Uttarakhand relief efforts
Bhoomika Trust continues to provide relief and rehabilitation in times of disasters such as the one that struck in Uttarakhand in June 2013. We are unable to forget the images of this disaster-the terrain, the remoteness, the lack of accessibility all added to the woes and we had to wait until September to respond to this call. We used this time to understand what were the needs that were unmet and focused on them.

Working with Goonj, the most reliable organization the ground, we delivered cooking utensils to affected families who had lost their possessions. With winter round the corner, we provided blankets to prevent death from lack of warm clothing.

Uttarakhand flood relief, Click here to watch
Uttarakhand flood relief blankets distribution, Click here to watch

Flood relief
Food was provided to residents of Saidapet, Chennai who were badly affected by the floods of December 2005. A community kitchen was set up to provide food for one thousand five hundred residents. Subsequently dry rations were distributed to the affected families.

Tsunami relief
The coastal regions of Southern India were devastated by the giant tsunami on the morning of December 26th 2004, leaving widespread death and destruction in its wake. Bhoomika Trust has been involved in coordinating relief and rehabilitation efforts and in facilitating information exchange among diverse players in the field including NGOs, corporates, community-based groups, and the Tamil Nadu Government.

Bhoomika's response to the tsunami disaster. For more details click here

Bhoomika Trust's tsunami relief efforts (30/01/05)
On December 26, 2004, within hours after the tsunami hit, our first response was to provide packets of cooked food and water to people in distress in and around Chennai...
Details here

Tsunami rehabilitation support
Currently Bhoomika Trust is involved in rehabilitation efforts with partner NGOs in the following areas:

Tsunami rehabilitation support
•  Education related support
•  Livelihood restoration support
•  Children's activities support
•  Health support
•  Psycho-Social support
•  Habitat restoration

People speak... Click here

Gujarat earthquake
Immediately after the 2001 earthquake, over 40,000 kits were delivered to the families, courtesy of NGOs from all over the country to help them get back on their feet. Bhoomika Trust partnered with Janpath Citizen's Initiative of Ahmedabad in the ration kit initiative for families affected by the Gujarat earthquake. Supplies for 1000 ration kits were purchased and packed in Chennai under the supervision of Bhoomika Trust. These kits were later shipped by lorries to Ahmedabad and were received by Navsarjan Trust and Janvikas.

The earthquake left the artisans of Kutch without their source of livelihood. They had lost most of their belongings including their raw materials, finished products, work sheds and tool kits. The block printers of the Dhamadka region who lost all assets in the earthquake were one of the worst hit. Bhoomika Trust along with ICA (Indians for Collective Action, USA) mobilized resources towards rehabilitation efforts. Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan helped Bhoomika Trust identify block printers of Dhamadka village to receive assistance to help restart their business.

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Organizations with whom Bhoomika has worked during times of disaster:
Real Image Media Technologies
Indians for Collective Action (ICA), USA (
Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan
Janpath Citizen's initiative (
The Banyan (
Association for India's Development (AID) (
People's Watch Tamil Nadu (
IIT-Madras (
Asha for Education (
Auroville Tsunami Relief Centre (
TRINet (
and many other concerned organizations and individuals
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