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Tsunami rehabilitation efforts
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Relief efforts
Food packets/ water first three days
Followed by used clothes (stopped quickly!)
Coordinated earthmovers for body/ debris removal, lighting towers, body decomposition chemicals, water purification tablets, and disinfectants for cleaning up villages (with TTK-LIG & GSDMA, Gujarat)
Dispatched cooking rations and kitchen kits, new clothes, stoves, etc. to over 13,000 families
Coordinated medicines, counselors, doctors, volunteers, etc.
Provided back office support to Nagapattinam NGO coordination center
Organized information exchange meetings among NGOs, corporates, donors, U.N. agencies, and the Tamil Nadu Government
Issued periodic updates, widely read by people outside Tamil Nadu
Our unique role: matching needs with availability
People's Early Response...
Dec 26: Panic, Food Packets, water
Dec 27: Scale of disaster sinks in
Dec 28: Survivors in community halls
Dec 29: Start dry ration kits, new clothes drive
Dec 30: Experienced NGOs arrive on site
Dec 31: On-site admin welcome their input;
No New Year's Eve parties in Tamilnadu
Jan 1: NGO coordination cell meetings begin
Jan 1: Focus on stoves, undergarments, mats
Jan 2: Bhoomika calls a major info/ exchange meeting in Chennai with all parties, including Govt.
Jan 3: Recommendations to Government. by Community/ NGO Leaders
Encourages 'Partnerships', not 'Adoption' of villages
Jan 4: Meetings with fisherfolk communities
Jan 5: Survivors start back to some villages
Jan 6: Govt. policy on child adoptions
Jan 7: Looking for unfulfilled gaps in Relief
Jan 8: Govt. policy on Interim Shelters
Jan 9: Reports of communities missed by Relief
Jan 15: T.N. Govt. issues Public-Private Partnership order
What has Gone Right...
Overwhelming response from citizens
Unprecedented NGO-Corp-Govt-Donor Coordination in providing Relief
Credible job by the T.N. Government
Corporate/ International Generosity
Some lessons applied from past disasters
Donors willing to stay engaged in long-term rehabilitation
Issues and Concerns
Uneven distribution of Relief supplies
Extent of 'Affected Communities' not fully understood--focus on fisherfolk making others less visible?
Some lessons from past disasters not learnt (e.g. need for rapid damage assessment by a 'neutral' party)
'Desire to Help' overwhelming some communities-i.e. creating Relief dependency?
Risk of a 'supply-driven' rehabilitation program?
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