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What we are doing
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Educational Support program - Working today with an eye on tomorrow
Since its inception in 2001, in keeping with its primary focus on education, the education support program of Bhoomika Trust caters to the needs of students based on merit and means. The assistance goes beyond funding education, as the Trust sees its involvement more as a "mentor". It keeps in touch with the students on a regular basis providing guidance, as necessary. The academic performance of the students and the economic background of the families continue to be the primary factors for eligibility. Periodic evaluation of the students' performance and progress is done.

 • During the financial year 2005 - 2006, educational assistance was provided to thirteen students (six girls and seven boys)
 • During the financial year 2006 - 2007, educational assistance was provided to thirty five students (seventeen girls and eighteen boys). Of these, twenty-four were school students and the rest were college students.
 • During the financial year 2007 - 08, educational assistance was provided to around 50 students

Though educational fees are a planned expense for each academic year, it is observed that most of these families struggle to find the resources. In order to reduce their dependency on outside support and make the families self-sufficient, Bhoomika Trust encourages the families to save on a monthly basis to prepare for this expense.

Children's activities support - Summer camp at Avadi
Bhoomika Trust provided support to Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust to conduct a ten day summer camp for seventy-five children in May 2006 at Ayyapakkam, Avadi. The camp aimed at providing a platform for children from underprivileged families to participate. Interactive sessions using qualified resource persons were held in various activities such as dance, drawing, computers, handicrafts personality development, child rights, conversational English and handwriting. The sessions were designed to usefully engage and entertain the children in activities which allowed them to have a lot of fun in the form of play and learn. It also gave them an opportunity to exhibit their talents, develop their self confidence, self esteem, creativity and communication skills. Towards the end of the camp the children were also taken on a one day exposure trip to Kishkinta theme park.

Sports equipment
Support was provided by Bhoomika Trust towards purchase of training equipment to eight athletes from underprivileged families in the form of running shoes and athletic shorts. This equipment would help them in their athletic training and motivate them to perform better.

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Success Story
In her words, "If there was enough money for oil, my marks would soar! If there wasn't enough money for oil, my marks would drop". She lived with her parents in a hut with no electricity. Her performance in the Standard X examination where she stood second in the State of Tamil Nadu caught the eye of Bhoomika's Trustees.

Bhoomika Trust supported her education through the final two years of her schooling. She sought to pursue a career in the Engineering field and Bhoomika continued to support her educational needs.

Her commitment to excel and her aptitude to learn and adapt helped her make the best use of the placement option that the trust was able to put her way. She now works as a software developer.

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