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What we are doing
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Needs and Feeds is an initiative of Bhoomika Trust to facilitate donation in kind between donors and Non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations need various items like computers, cupboards, files, used paper, books, chairs, tables, and so on to enhance their service delivery. At the same time one could find individuals and organizations evincing interest in giving away things (new and used) which are needed by these non-profits. Bridging this gap is the goal of Needs and Feeds.

Infrastructure support
Bhoomika Trust provided support to Little Drops Home towards erecting a compound wall which has helped the home to maintain better hygiene. The wall prevents entry of pigs into the campus. The compound wall has also helped prevent mentally ill residents from wandering out of the shelter.

Job orientation workshop
Workshop conducted on 3rd August 2005 by PAM, ANEW & Bhoomika Trust.

More than 50 women of the Srinivasapuram area benefited by the Job orientation workshop conducted by PAM, ANEW and Bhoomika Trust. PAM, Peoples Action Movement is a Chennai based NGO working to empower women in the tsunami affected area of Srinivasapuram. ANEW is another Chennai based NGO which offers training to women on alternative employment.

In Chennai, Srinivasapuram was the most affected area, with 62 deaths. Since the tsunami, the community has been struggling on the livelihood front. They have been asking PAM to assist them in this regard, but as these women were unclear on what they wanted to do, it was not possible to help them without orienting them.

Bhoomika had been contacting PAM with an offer from NIFT regarding the entrepreneurship development program for the tsunami affected women, but the response from the community was very poor primarily because these women lacked motivation and guidance. Understanding the needs of these people, PAM had organized a workshop to motivate and bring out the occupational interests of these women. Bhoomika joined hands with PAM, and included ANEW in the program to match needs with feeds.

About 50 women, mostly married in the age group of 30 to 50 attended the workshop. Guiding the group through a series of activities, the trainer Ms.Sophia Johnson, was successful in bringing out a huge list of jobs these women wanted to do. The session also enabled them to understand the value of team effort and perseverance. During the sharing session, that followed, the women were able to come out with concrete plans and what they plan to do and how to go about it. Using the example of an idly stall, they were able to explain in concrete terms, how a small group of them would be assign work amongst themselves, and run the stall. They showed considerable interest and involvement during the workshop.

The session was followed by a brief presentation by Mr.Subbiyan of ANEW, on the various training programs offered by his organization. ANEW offers training to under privileged women in home nursing, two wheeler mechanic, autorickshaw driving and car driving. But as many of them lacked basic schooling, they were not eligible for the various programs being offered. Though the training was offered free of charge, the minimum educational requirement was 8th standard. Since many of the participants showed interest in housekeeping, he assured them that he would try and help them using his contacts.

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