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• From relief to rehabilitation...back to relief (26/02/05)
A few critical questions about relief and rehabilitation have now come to the fore, and people are anxiously awaiting answers that may well hold the key to their futures
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• Report from Andaman and Nicobar islands(28/01/2005)
Nicobar Islands are very remote and have been impacted the most by the tsunami. Seven of the nine islands in Central Nicobar have been affected, accounting for the displacement of several thousand people.
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• One month later (24/01/2005)
Two more days, and it will be a month since the devastating Tsunami hit the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu.
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• Dalits being left out? (12/01/2005)
Bhoomika underscored the double jeopardy that Dalits seem to be in yet again, when this society needs them to do its dirty work, and yet is unwilling to equitably share even relief supplies with them in a calamity.
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• The situation (07/01/2005)
We understand that the government has already issued new text books, and that other groups are being encouraged to supply school bags, water bottles, etc.
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• Situation report (05-01-2005)
This report is based on the latest field visits by Bhoomika volunteers to villages near Chennai, Pondicherry, Cuddalore, and Nagapattinam.
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• Seven days later... in Tamilnadu (02/01/2005)
A report from the NGO-Community Group-Donor-TN Government information exchange and preliminary assessment meeting.
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