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What we are doing
Educational assistance
Since its inception in 2001, the education support program of Bhoomika Trust caters to the needs of students based on merit and means. The assistance goes beyond funding education as the Trust sees its involvement more as a "mentor".
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Livelihood support
StepOne is an initiative of Bhoomika Trust to facilitate job opportunities for persons with disability by facilitating a "One month Work Experience Opportunity".
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Disaster relief and rehabilitation
Disasters have devastating impacts, traumatizing and debilitating lives. Bhoomika Trust was involved in mobilizing resources in a massive manner in the wake of the Gujarat earthquake and the tsunami... click here

Social Entrepreneurship Fellowships are offered to qualified social workers/ social entrepreneurs, who have either a passion to make a difference in a particular area of work or wish to leverage their expertise in a particular area.
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True Gifts
True Gifts is Bhoomika Trust's donation based gift store that links donors' contributions with NGO programme needs, providing the donors the satisfaction of knowing where their funds have been used, while adding an additional stream of revenue for NGOs...
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Needs and Feeds
Needs and Feeds is an initiative of Bhoomika Trust to facilitate donation in kind between donors and Non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations need various items like computers, cupboards, files, used paper, books, chairs, tables...
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