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Highlights of the info/ exch meeting (16/01/2005)

Here is a quick summary of the intense 2 1/2 Hours long Q & A yesterday between diverse groups in attendance (including NGOs, community and women's groups, donors, corporates, and several fishing community members), and Mr. C.V. Sankar, OSD Relief and Rehabilitation, Govt. of Tamil Nadu

NOTE: The following summary has been prepared by Bhoomika for the convenience of the participants, and for the benefit of others not in attendance. We share it with the IMPORTANT CAUTION that our observations should in no way be construed as the only authentic interpretation of what transpired at the meeting.
Govt. Order No. 25 & 26. Click here for details.

Questions/ Comments Posed to the Government at the Start of the Meeting, re: GO Nos 25 & 26, dated January 13, 2005

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