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Interim Shelter Policy recommendations to Tamil Nadu Govt.(05/01/2005)
This is meant primarily for the Donor Agencies, NGOs, Community Groups, and Business Groups Wishing to Assist in the Interim Rehabilitation Phase in Tamilnadu and is based on feedback from village communities in the south, north and central Nagappatinam, and discussions with local NGOs, and Donor partners

It is going to be presented formally at the NGO/Govt. Coordination Meeting. In the mean time, it is extremely important that NGOs and Donors who are not in Nagapattinam also endorse the principles herein and communicate to their staff the need to follow some of the recommendations, which are not only based on lessons learnt from recent disasters, but has been tailored to meet the needs of the TN disaster-affected communities.

Bhoomika Trust is sending this message on behalf of the NGO Coordination Group in Nagapattinam and we will take any responses and pass them onto the group as received. Please send your comments to (mailto and with subject line :Interim Shelter Policy) We also request that you forward these recommendations to your field personnel and any relevant NGO personnel who are not included in this list.

Recommendations for Interim Shelter Policy from the NGO Coordination Centre

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