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Reports & Resources
Tsunami rehabilitation : Women's issues
 Women of Nagapattinam
The fishermen have lost their boats, nets, and other livelihood equipment, the women of the fishing community have been the hardest hit ...more details Download Article

Rehabilitation: Fishing Sector
 Boats, Nets, etc. South Indian Federation of Fishermen Societies
 A Proposal from Concerned Citizens
 Information Dossier on Fisheries Livelihoods, by ICSF, International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, Chennai Download Article

Rehabilitation: Agricultural Sector
 A Note on Rehabilitation, by Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
 Dhan Foundation

Unorganized/ Weaker Sections
 A Note from A Citizens Group
Relief and rehabilitation of tsunami-affected persons in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Download Article
 Supreme Court hearings on food security
The facts and figures of the rehabilitation work carried out by the Chennai District administration was presented by the Chennai District Collector, Mr. S. Chandramohan. The issues came up for discussion were relocation, loss of livelihoods... Download Article

Reports on Meetings
 Workshop on livelihood restoration (10/05/05)
 Highlights of the info/ exch meeting (16/01/2005)
 Meeting on post-disaster management and prevention strategies (13/05/05)
 U.N./ T.N. Govt : Consultative meet on psycho-social support (24/01/2005)
 Rehabilitation and Shelter Policy recommendations by the NGO Coordination Center, Nagapattinam Download Article

Highlights of the Info/ Exch Meeting between Civil Society Groups and the T.N. Government (16/01/2005)
A quick summary of the intense 2 1/2 Hours long Q & A yesterday between diverse groups in attendance (including NGOs, community and women's groups, donors, corporates, and several fishing community members), and Mr. C.V. Sankar, OSD Relief and Rehabilitat
Details here

Bhoomika's tsunami related field reports
 Bhoomika Trust's tsunami relief efforts (30/01/05)
On December 26, 2004, within hours after the Tsunami hit, our first response was to provide packets of cooked food and water to people in distress in and around Chennai...
Details here
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